as real as it gets
I feel happy- but deep down I know I’m not :C

I used to like you alot back in Junior High. You were my biggest crush. And then 5 years later you finally noticed me. I changed alot. We started hanging out at your house just to watch tv together. Eventually you asked me if I could ever date you and I said yes. And then you took advantage of me. You said you loved me too fast and I wasn’t ready. But the words were so sweet to my ears that I gave in and gave you the last piece of me. And it ruined everything. Back in junior high, I thought you were nice. I thought you were sweet. I liked you. But pieces of your past have turned you into nothing but an empty sheet. I tried so hard to find your heart, but all I found was a cold frozen chunk of lonliness. I wanted to fix you. I wanted to take away your pain and replace it with true happiness with me. But no matter how hard I tried… you just turned away. If you would have let me in, maybe I wouldn’t have left. But I can’t stay. So I’m gone </3 no matter how much it hurts, I can’t have you.

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